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Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

Ancestry Community with Emilio Norberto Otto Max Gastell

born 14.10.1929 Buenos Aires, Argentinien, death 26.11.2015 München
German actor and synchron. His voice is known in the German-speaking world to a wide audience mainly through the series ALF, Gummibärenbande, Cheers, South Park and The Simpsons, in which he synchronizes the figure Homer Simpson.

  Ottilia Hauser
  born um 1527 Reutlingen, death 18.01.1611 Reutlingen
  oo Albrecht Schaal
  born Reutlingen, death abt.um 1556 Reutlingen
  oo Wendel Bilfinger 15.05.1556
  born um 1525 Leonberg, death 02.09.1588 Leonberg
  Ludwig Bilfinger
  oo Marie Gueltinger
  Margaretha Schaal
  oo Matthaeus Abel(in)
  Johann Wendel Bilfinger
  oo Maria Elisabeth Mayer
  Jakob Abel
  oo Margarethe Reinoehl
  Johann Ludwig Bilfinger
  oo Anna Maria Hornung
  Elisabeth Sybille Abel
  oo Martin Schaal
  Johann Wendel Bilfinger
  oo Johanna Margaretha Andler
  Anna Catharina Schaal
  oo Georg Schmid
  Maria Dorothea Bilfinger
  oo Benjamin Friedrich Hummel
  Hans Jakob Schmid
  oo Anna Barbara Heim
  Friedrich Wendel Hummel
  oo Christina Elisabeth Harpprecht
  Marin Schmid
  oo Anna Katharina Schmid
  Rosina Dorothea Hummel
  oo Gottlieb Christian Lang
  Johannes Jakob Schmid
  oo Benedikta Mayer
  Friedrich Wendel Lang
  oo Sophie Luise Dorothea Auguste Stockmayer
  Anna Maria Schmid
  oo Johann Jakob Schweicker
  Gottlieb Friedrich Wendel Lang
  oo Amalie Theodore Hug
  Ernst Johannes Schweiker
  oo Rosina Ihle
  Klara Lang
  oo Maximilian Friedrich Wilhelm Gastel
  Johannes Schweiker
  oo Anna Maria Gaiser
  Maximilian Gastel
  oo Erna Henni Auguste Marie Reimann
  Johann Georg Schweiker
  oo Marie Helene Luise Harder
  Otto Hellmuth Georg Max Gastel
  oo Amalie Lya Holzlechner
  Franz Schweiker
  oo Anna Elisabeth Piel
  Emilio Norberto Otto Max Gastel   Franz Schweiker
  oo Anneliese Richter
    Cordula Schweiker
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