Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

In these photos, taken probably in the 50s, is to see a woman who belongs to our family, but no one can assign exactly. I'm actually of the opinion that to this day I know all the family relationships from my grandparents pretty good, but I have no idea where it belongs.

This woman is, according to my mother and a great aunt, Clara Benke and comes from Chemnitz. She's probably a married name Benke, because on a photo, she is well seen with her husband. She is known in the family as Aunt Clara.


  This photo is after the WWII in Zwickau
  photographed, in the garden of Erna Reichl,
  my great-aunt.


 This photo is taken in Holzhausen / Eder


I think I've found the person. It is a married aunt of my grandma.

She was born on 12 August 1867 in Alt-Altmannsdorf, Bavaria, and in 1902 married the brother of my great-grandmother, the uncle of my grandmother. It is found until 1942 in Chemnitz. But the photos should all have been created after the Second World War. The photo on the window in Holzhausen probably came from a visit to her "Schwipp" cousin, who died in October 1949 in Holzhausen.

© All photos are property of Eberle / Escheberg family and people who do not part of the family is not allowed to use them.

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