Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

On this picture are probably descendants of emigrants
  • Karl Friedrich Schroth (1880 - 1928) and
    Sophie Emilie Eberle (1882 - 1956)
  • William Neuwirth (1889 - 1947) and
    Bertha Friederike Eberle (1887 - 1982)
  • Helena Johanna Eberle (1891 - 1964) or
  • Hermann Christoph Eberle (1895 - 1980)

Recorded in 1960 in the United States - probably in the state of New York or New Jersey - the residence of Amalie Eberle in the United States (1958-1961).

If someone can tell exactly who this is, we look forward to a contact.

unbekannte Person


Geschwister Eberle

On this photo be 7 of 11 children of Hermann Christoph Eberle, his six daughters and one son
(Fritz or Albert). Unfortunately we can not assign the people the names. Who can help?

Eberle, Rosa Emilie Katharina, geb. 17 Sep 1877
Eberle, Anna Maria, geb. 3 Feb 1880
Eberle, Sophie Emilie, geb. 19 Sep 1882 - in die USA emigrated
Eberle, Hermine Friederike, geb. 16 Apr 1884
Eberle, Moritz Friedrich, geb. 29 Apr 1885
Eberle, Fritz Jakob, geb. 23 Sep 1887
Eberle, Bertha Friederike, geb. 21 Okt 1889 (eventuell die rechts sitzend) - in die USA emigrated
Eberle, Helena Johanna, geb. 28 Feb 1891 (eventuell die 2. von links) - in die USA emigrated
Eberle, Albert, geb. 13 Jul 1892
Eberle, Julius Heinrich, get. 22 Mar 1894
Eberle, Hermann Christoph, geb. 5 Apr 1895 - in die USA emigrated


Auswanderer Eberle

On this photoare the America emigrants of Eberle family. We presume that the pair right Hermann Christoph Eberle and his 2nd wife Amalie be. The couple in the middle be probably Bertha (Eberle) and Wilhelm Neuwirth and her two children in the foreground. The two men left, we can not classify.

unbekannte Frau

Who is this woman?
(photographed 1958-1961)
Right: Amalie Eberle. Who is are the woman on the left?
(photographed 1958-1961)


unbekannte Frau

The woman in purple blouse is Amalie Eberle. The other people we can not assign, but they are part of the family.
(photographed 1958-1961)


unbekannte Frau

The second from the left is Amalie Eberle.
Where is it and who are the other three people in the photo?
(recorded 1958-1961)


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