Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker


  • We are looking for the date of death of Rosalia Kummer, verehelichte Sopper, geb. 08.04.1817 Miloschitz, Tschechien, gest. past 1873 possibly in Miloschitz, Czech Republic.
  • We are looking for the date of birth and death of Johanna Schneider, verehelichte Hofhans, geb. ca. 1819 possibly Klutschkau, Tschechien.


  • We are looking for the date of death of Georg Friedrich Franz Harder, master potter from Schwerin, geb. 01.03.1833 Schwerin. He passed away after 01.12.1900, because on the date it is recorded in the census Mecklenburg-Schwerin. As counting place is Boizenburg specified. There he is not passed away.
  • We are looking for the wedding date of Johann Daniel Peters, Garden owners and brewers from Güstrow, geb. 27.11.1776 Grabow and of Elise Carolina Johanna Martienssen, geb. 24.08.1800 Güstrow. The marriage would have been around 1836th.


  • We are looking for the date of death of Anna Gertrud Türks, geb. Delpi (Delpy), woman ironing from Aachen, geb. 30.10.1812 Aachen, gest. past 1869, possibly in Aachen.
  • We are looking for the date of death of Johann Heinrich Joseph Scholtis, Miner and factory worker from Herzogenrath, geb. 15.06.1813 Afden.
  • We are looking for the date of death of Anna Maria Gertrud Scholtis, geb. Wolfs, geb. 26.11.1812 Afden.

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