Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

In addition to my personal genealogy I do some "external" Prokekte, which I partially make available on this website as well as on other external websites


1. Local Family Book Kallich

This project has been running since 2015 and aims to fulfill all online church books of the Kirchspiel Kallich with its associated places Kallich, Kienhaid, Heinrichsdorf, Natschung and Gabrielahütten. There are currently 39 available church books of which as of December 2018 21 pieces are completely new and 7 are in the collection.

Link to the database

Link to the digital church books (external)


2. NS Euthanasia

The project includes a website that deals with the memory of the victims of Nazi eutanasia in the 3rd Reich but also with the perpetrators. A person is forgotten only when his name is forgotten. That's why we want to counteract forgetting and give face to as many victims as possible. In addition, we maintain a database in which we gradually capture all detectable victims of Nazi euthanasia.

Link to the website (external)

Link to the database (external)


3. DNA Genealogy

DNA genealogy is a fairly new branch of genealogy. Most of the information on this topic is still only available in English, although there are many efforts to bring the information to German users as well. As far as I'm familiar with the topic myself, I try to summarize the information in German for all those interested.

Link to the website


4. Schweiker worldwide