Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

"Everything is commonly called past, is basically just a quieter and darker become kind of presence."
Gertrud von Le Fort

bilderAs a child I hung spellbound on the lips of my grandmother Elisabeth, when she began to tell from the youth days of my father. She had a lot to tell - always new stories from Mannheim, Wilhelmsfeld, the war, friendships and more. A troubled past in which many people and places mentioned. It made me curious, Mannheim, Heidelberg ... how much I had seen where my father grew up.
As part of a school assignment I started at the age of about 16 years, the first data about my ancestors collect. I asked from my parents and grandparents. Unfortunately I gave my project then get back on and have listed a few things that were told to me then. Unfortunately my grandmother Elisabeth is deceased for more than 25 years, so that would be lost with your many of your stories.
Since I was born in the former East Germany, there was also another limit, to which very real prevented More to find out, because a large part of my ancestors comes from the western part of Germany.Today there is this limit long gone, and in 2003 I came back to the subject. I received an e-mail in which I was asked if I was related to Schweikers from the Stuttgart area. This interest in my ancestors has again become very actual. I began to follow the traces of which as a child I was so fascinated.

About the youth of my mother and her parents' lives I knew, unfortunately, very little. This family was never much talked about old times. Therefore I also know from my grandparents almost only the names. Nevertheless, I have not give up and found out more. My father's ancestors from Württemberg were fortunately already fairly well documented, so that I initially quickly learn quite a bit. There are still many gaps, are being worked on diligently.

At first I took over the data from the ancestral passports or family registers of my grandparents, if available. When I was find something on the Internet then, the scope of research grew rapidly. Now I can already look back on a very comprehensive database. I was lucky in the database set up by the Mormons in the US follow a branch of the family until the year 1466 back. In 2006 I have started to occupy the available information based on original sources. As it is, however, a very extensive and financially intensive undertaking, I would expressly point out that not all data has been secured from my database by concrete evidence. There are many references, but sometimes they are missing also. Documented mention is only the data of my direct ancestors and partly of their children.

Addition to recording the names I would like to still deal with the historical background and the search for missing ancestors because a boring collection of names I do not want to create. However, I will refrain from repeating things to genealogy, which have already been described on other websites a hundred times, but will if possible establish a relationship to my family, and include only the information necessary for the site and the topic of genealogy related to my family declarations.  The website will gradually grow.

Should anyone find parallels to my data, or have information that are missing me, I would be grateful for any information. I will keep you here regularly informed. If you have questions about the site, and the people, write me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form on the website. I'm sending in accordance also like the desired data as a GEDCOM file.