Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

"Those who can not tell his story, does not exist."
Salman Rushdie

Familie EberleFor Genealogy I came because I wanted to have more and more, to know about my grandfather, the father of my father. My father was an illegitimate child. But his fathers name in the family has always been known. It was not talked much about him. That aroused my interest and I wanted to know who he was.

When I married my present wife, who was already employed some time researching their ancestors awakened the desire to know more, again. Because I do not like to write letters, my wife does the writing stuff for me - and for that I love her - she has already experience with it. Whenever she present new results to me, I'm curious what she has found again.

About the maternal line, I did not know much. Only what you overheard as a child, when relatives were visiting, and then later as an adult from memory added together. Maybe I was too late to ask the right questions. There comes a time when there is no one who can answer questions. Make matters worse, that was hardly talked about family relationships. But I have already can find out a lot about other ways.

By researching of my wife I got back contact with my godmother Sonja. Through them I learned some details about my father's ancestors. She had a small handwritten pedigree. By means of this information I found then a connection to the Database of Mormon.
But because it is a very extensive and financially intensive undertaking, I would hereby expressly point out that some data have not been secured wit concrete indication of the source. 

Meanwhile, already found some information about my ancestors and their families that we further pursue. Should anyone find parallels to my data, or have information that are missing me, I would be grateful for any information. I will keep you here regularly informed.

If you have questions about the site or the people, write me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or use the contact form. I'm sending in accordance with these data as a GEDCOM file.