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My actual research focuses on my family history throughout and not with the research for my birth name Eberle. However, it is also interesting to know where the actual birth name comes from, how many people in the world carry the masthead or which spellings there.


DeutschlandIt can be assumed that the actual origin of the name is located in Germany.

A distribution map of Germany for the surname Eberle (data collection 2002) shows a concentration of the name in the Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. This indicates that the origin of the surname is there. The highest incidence in Germany is located in Bavaria in the district Ostallgäu. In Baden-Württemberg the name is most prevalent in Enzkreis and the district Esslingen. But in the Pfalz the name is fairly frequent.

There 4649 items were found in 337 different counties.Extrapolated to the total population is about 12392 namesakes expected. That means, the name is above average frequency. Eberle has the 583rd Place of the most common names.

further variants:
Eberl 2056 Hits in 241 counties
Eberlein 1859 Hits in 306 counties
Eberlin 45 Hits in 21 counties



Switzerland and Italy

Eberle also occur in Switzerland and Italy. In Switzerland, the name is even found relatively frequently.

United States of America

In the US, there is a wide distribution of the name Eberle in all states. Reason for this is the widespread in Germany, because many bearers of the name also means many emigrants about this name.

The most common Eberle occurrences are in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana. Illinois as well Florida and California.



In addition to the listed distribution maps the name Eberle also in Alsace has a high spreading.


Eberle, Eberlein, Eberlin, Eberl.

The names family


Eberle is a patronymic and is derived from a short form for nickname Eberhard. The diminutive suffix "-le" is typical of the Swabian region.

Leading a crest

For spelling "Eberle" there are different crest-registrations in various collections:

4x, from that
1 x from Pfullendorf, Affalterbach
1 x fromSchlierbach
Munich Crest Herold
4 x (dort zu erfragen)
Crest Lion:
1 x fromAugsburg

Famous personalities

A list known bearers of the name Eberle (2012) from Wikipedia.

Places in the United States

  • Eberle (Illinois)
  • Eberle (Kentucky)