Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

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In this category you will find the various databases.

Database Schweiker / Richter

Over 90.000 entries to the ancestors of Franz Schweiker, b. 1928 in Mannheim and Anneliese judge, geb. 1936 in Oberleutensdorf

Database Eberle / Escheberg

Over 11.000 entries to the ancestors of Peter Eberle, b. 1936 in Pforzheim and Helga Escheberg, geb. 1939 in Amedorf

OFB Kallich in Bohemia

In this database, the church books of Kallich, Kienhaid, Natschung, Heinrichsdorf and Gabrielahütten are recorded. The families were grouped together. So there is a local family book (from 1675 - Kallich, Gabrielahütten to 1846, Kienhaid to 1867, Natschung to 1846, Heinrichsdorf to 1849) The church books begin in 1675, the first two years of 1675 and 1676 completely missing in the first birth book. In addition, missing some pages in between and early 1700, the entries are very sloppy. [As of December 2018]

Schweiker worldwide

Meanwhile around the 2000 entries to the name Schweiker and all name variants

Chance Finds

Gathering database for data that has otherwise come together in the course of our research.

Family Trees

Collection of different related data on different families. Anyone can upload their family tree here for free if they do not want to use a commercial database and do not have their own website.

Euthanasia victim (external website)

Website, which deals with the memory of the victims of Nazi Eutanasia in the 3rd Reich but also with the perpetrators. The database contains over 35,000 entries