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Johanna Brünler, b. 07.06.1818 Natschung, died unknown, Roman Catholic

Born as the illegitimate and apparently only child of the 28-year-old Johanna Theresia Brünler in Natschung no. 26. (The mother: a conjugal daughter of Johannes Leopold Brünler and Johanna Catharina Brünler, born Matz.)
Johanna was baptized catholic on 7 June 1818 in the Church of Saint Wenceslas in Kallich.

Johanna Siegert, Eheweib des Johannes Siegert, Häusler in Heinrichsdorf
Johannes Bernauer

The father of Johanna is not known and apparently also no further siblings exist.

Johanna Brünnler had two illegitimate children:

1. Maria Brünler, born 02.09.1839 Heinrichsdorf, death 04.02.1881 Kallich

2. Eduard Brünler, born 22.04.1842 Natschung

No further children or a father of the children could be identified. Nor is it known whether the two children have the same father.

On January 22, 1872 Maria Brünnler marries the 61-year-old widower Johann Anton Siegert from Heinrichsdorf no. 33. It is possible that he is the father of the two children Maria and Edward, but this can not be proven.

It was also not possible to determine exactly when Maria died. 1873 to the birth of the Enkelsohnes Johann Baptist judge it is listed as alive in the church book. Even when her husband Johann Siegert dies at the age of 84 on January 23, 1894, he is not named as a widower. By this time Johanna would have been 75 years old. In the death index of the Kallicher Church records is a Johanna Siegert as 1898 deceased led. The books themselves are not online. According to the archive in Leitmeritz, however, all existing books were published.

I would be delighted to receive information about Johanna Brünler's exact date and place of death. The online church books of Kallich and the associated places as well as of Göttersdorf and Most I have already searched several times without success.

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