Whoever closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.
Richard von Weizsäcker

He really learned to be upholsterer, my grandfather. Born 1914 in Brüx, he had to give up his dream of his own company in 1939, because he was called to the Wehrmacht. He had the offer to take over the upholsterer company of his master in Brüx. At the end of the Second World Crusade, he became a Russian prisoner of war and survived about six months imprisonment until the middle of October 1945 in the camp Elsterhorst near Hoyerswerda with the repair of watches.

Supposedly he has repaired watches for the Russian soldiers. Certainly this was in the majority of the beuties they had taken from the prisoners.

I can remember well that my grandfather sat in the living room at the dinner table almost every evening in the 70s and repaired watches. He had an inscription in his eye and various tweezers and small screwdrivers, with which he took apart and cleans the watches of his working colleague. He was then working on the potash mine.

He repaired wrist watches and also beautiful pocket watches. I remember one that he had in his chest, whose dial was decorated with beautiful flowers. Probably he had brought them not from a colleague, but from the war. Unfortunately, the watches and all watchmaker tools have disappeared after his death. As far as I know my mother gave everything away.

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