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Welcome to our family blog. Here, we publish more or less regularly contributions to our experiences in family research, e.g. Results of our searches or even small family histories and events in the lives of our ancestors. Most of the blog posts are in German, only some contributions have been and are also offered in English.

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He really learned to be upholsterer, my grandfather. Born 1914 in Brüx, he had to give up his dream of his own company in 1939, because he was called to the Wehrmacht. He had the offer to take over the upholsterer company of his master in Brüx. At the end of the Second World Crusade, he became a Russian prisoner of war and survived about six months imprisonment until the middle of October 1945 in the camp Elsterhorst near Hoyerswerda with the repair of watches.

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My great-great-grandfather, Franz Richter, came to Brüx after about 50 years. His wife had died in 1881. He had only his son Johann [Baptist], born in 1873, with him. In 1895, on the 19th to the 20th of July (from 9:15 pm to 6:00 pm), the swimming disaster in the Anna Bay occurred in Brüx. Both of them experienced this at first sight.

Possibly also my great-grandmother Maria Albine Sopper at that time already in Brüx lived and experienced the whole. In 1897 she married my great-grandfather Johann Richter.

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Anton Richter, born 28.07.1914 in Brüx, at that time Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, today Czech Republic, district Aussig.

25 years old, he was conscripted into the ‘Wehrmacht’ (the German Armed Forces). This was before the outbreak of World War II accounting for general mobilization of reservists in July and August 1939. Then, with the Polenfeldzug (Poland Campaign), 01.09. – 06.10.1939, WW II began. The exact day Anton Richter was conscripted is not known.

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I am looking for further siblings of my great-grandfather, in 1862 to 1869 more children could have been born. So far I have not found anything, but the gap is unusually large for this time. This option siblings may have decendants.

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Sometimes ancestral research is quite difficult and one is dependent on his combination and the help of other ancestors. A good example of how to search for ancestors, if one does not go further with the simple reading of a church book, is my search for my old grandfather (great grandfather in 4th generation).

When I started my research, I never thought I had any chance at all of my mother's ancestry to find anything out, because on my first question, the Czech archives were not exactly cooperative.

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Johanna Brünler, b. 07.06.1818 Natschung, died unknown, Roman Catholic

Born as the illegitimate and apparently only child of the 28-year-old Johanna Theresia Brünler in Natschung no. 26. (The mother: a conjugal daughter of Johannes Leopold Brünler and Johanna Catharina Brünler, born Matz.)
Johanna was baptized catholic on 7 June 1818 in the Church of Saint Wenceslas in Kallich.

Johanna Siegert, Eheweib des Johannes Siegert, Häusler in Heinrichsdorf
Johannes Bernauer

The father of Johanna is not known and apparently also no further siblings exist.

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