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Already  as a teenager the history of our family was exiting for me. Family was lived in my parents' house and so my ancestors up to the great-grandparents were familiar to me. The grandmothers told us stories of their lifes. So it won't took long that I started to search for my ancestrors. Meanwhile I practice genealogical research since 2003 and have collected extensive genealogical data of my descent. In addition I own a large collection of family pictures. Parts of my ancestors lived afar from here where I live and there are some interesting stories of their lifes to be told.

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Familie Schweiker Familie Richter Familie Eberle

Schweiker - Piel - Harder - Türks - Gaiser - Peters - Solzbacher - Scholtis


A part of the ancestors comes for centuries from Württemberg and the other part branches out to the Rhineland and Mecklenburg.

Richter - Reichl - Sopper - Rudert - Brünler - Hofhans - Benke - Walther


These ancestors came from Saxony and Bohemia, some branches through out over Saxony-Anhalt as far as North Rhine-Westphalia.

Eberle - Fricker - Escheberg - Kurze - Grzeschik - Swientek - Malecha - Plura


The ancestors came from Baden and the Prussian, and in a large part from Upper Silesia.

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Birth and origin of Leopold Friedrich Martienssen, born 1751 of Stresau in Prussia, lived until his death in Güstrow.

Parents, origin and exact birth date of Philipp Ploum, born 1727, lived until his death in Herzogenrath, Occupation: Gate Guard.

Ancestral Communitys Schweiker

heuss miniOne Person of Ancestral Community Schweiker is the first German Federal President Theodor Heuss (1884 - 1963). Parts of his ancestors come from Walddorf near Tübingen.



Ancestral Communitys Eberle

benz mini The Eberle family has a genealogical community with the automobile manufacturer Carl Friedrich Benz (1844 - 1929). Parts of his ancestors come from Pfaffenrot.




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The first emigrant in my direct line of pre-emption is the brother of my great grandmother Anna Maria Gaiser.

Johann Georg Friedrich Gaiser was born on 26 January 1845 in Walddorf in the Kingdom of Württemberg as the son of the Glazer master Johann Georg Gaiser and the Regina Gaiser, nee Kümmerle. Johann Georg Gaiser and his wife Regina had 11 children, of whom only 5 reached the adult age.

The son of Johann Georg Friedrich Gaiser, in May 1883, at the age of 38, was allowed to leave the kingdom of Württemberg to emigrate to North America, [application of emigration 855344].

Johann Georg Friedrich was widowed at this time. His wife, Maria Jacobina Gaiser, née Wezel, had died on 21.09.1882 and had left him five children of a total of 8 children.

With children Johann Gottfried in the USA Fred [23.11.1874-08.04.1960], Regina Katharina [21.04.1876-05.01.1959], Johann Gottlieb in the USA John [23.05.1877-24.01.1965], Karl Friedrich in the USA Charles [24.02.1880-14.08.1955], Pauline Margaretha [16.10.1881-09.11.1985] he left the kingdom of Württemberg in May 1883 and emigrated to North America. In the USA, he was George Gaiser. Possibly they were passengers on the ship "Oder".

The emigration ended in the town of Johnson located in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

There he married quickly after his arrival a second time. Perhaps he met his second wife, Barbara, on the ship of the emigrant. With her he had another 9 children. Caroline [February 1884], Regina, Louis, Magdalena, Adeline, William, Margret Emilie, Emil and Friederika.

The daughters Magdalena, Adeline and Margret Emilie were proven in the USA Married and have offspring. These still live today in Johnson. We will soon report to you in our blog.

For the five children who have been born, only a daughter, Pauline Margaretha, but no children can be proved.

Johann Georg Friedrich Gaiser, or George Gaiser, died in Johnson in 1921. He was buried at the Pilgrim Rest Cemetery in Milan. The grave still exists today.

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There were strong emigration movements for economic reasons after the Thirty Years' War. Workmembers from the overpopulated Switzerland (especially from the cantons of Berne, Zurich, Thurgau and from the cantons of St. Gallen) and from Vorarlberg were resident in the destroyed, partly deserted areas of south-west Germany and helped to settle the war-ravaged country again.

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