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Already  as a teenager the history of our family was exiting for me. Family was lived in my parents' house and so my ancestors up to the great-grandparents were familiar to me. The grandmothers told us stories of their lifes. So it won't took long that I started to search for my ancestrors. Meanwhile I practice genealogical research since 2003 and have collected extensive genealogical data of my descent. In addition I own a large collection of family pictures. Parts of my ancestors lived afar from here where I live and there are some interesting stories of their lifes to be told.

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A part of the ancestors comes for centuries from Württemberg and the other part branches out to the Rhineland and Mecklenburg.

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These ancestors came from Saxony and Bohemia, some branches through out over Saxony-Anhalt as far as North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The ancestors came from Baden and the Prussian, and in a large part from Upper Silesia.

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Birth and origin of Leopold Friedrich Martienssen, born 1751 of Stresau in Prussia, lived until his death in Güstrow.

Parents, origin and exact birth date of Philipp Ploum, born 1727, lived until his death in Herzogenrath, Occupation: Gate Guard.

Ancestral Communitys Schweiker

heuss miniOne Person of Ancestral Community Schweiker is the first German Federal President Theodor Heuss (1884 - 1963). Parts of his ancestors come from Walddorf near Tübingen.



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benz mini The Eberle family has a genealogical community with the automobile manufacturer Carl Friedrich Benz (1844 - 1929). Parts of his ancestors come from Pfaffenrot.




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Sometimes ancestral research is quite difficult and one is dependent on his combination and the help of other ancestors. A good example of how to search for ancestors, if one does not go further with the simple reading of a church book, is my search for my old grandfather (great grandfather in 4th generation).

When I started my research, I never thought I had any chance at all of my mother's ancestry to find anything out, because on my first question, the Czech archives were not exactly cooperative.

To my great-great-grandparents, I had come quickly, because within our family one knew at least his ancestors up to the grandparents or great grandparents. When the Czech archives digitized their church books, I started searching and found a lot. At some point I ended with my great-grandmother Maria Albine Richter, née Sopper. I still knew the parents by name.

At first I looked for my great-grandmother in the church book of Klutschkau. From her birth record I got the hint that the father Franz Sopper came from Miloschitz, so I went there again. I also found the father relatively quickly in the church book, as well as his parents, their marriage data and the 11 siblings. But then the problems began.

My old grandfather Martin Sopper, according to his marriage entry of 26.02.1838, was not from Miloschitz, was the son of a farmer from Bukowa. His wife Rosalia was born Kummerer. In her birth entry I found the father: Lorentz Kummerer from Palitz in Egerland. Where were these places? How could I find them, especially since I had only the German names from the church book? Well, for that one is then in the club for computer genealogy and can ask about the forum, which runs the club, whether because someone can help. In fact Friedhard Pfeiffer was able to help. He is always a bank when it comes to location searches. He just knows. So I got the necessary information about the possible birth places of Martin Sopper and Lorentz Kummerer.

Now let's concentrate on the search for Lorentz Kummerer. Lorentz was to be from Palitz in the Egerland, Palitz, Okres Cheb. The church books are online at actapublica.eu, so let's have a look at Lorentz. According to his death entry from August 8, 1855 from Miloschitz he was 77 years when he died. That means he should have been born before 08.08.1778. According to his marriage entry in Reitschowes (birthplace of the wife) on 24.11.1807, he was 25 years old and had to be born before 24.11.1782. As the father was stated Batholomäus Kummerer. An example is that the entries in church books can not always be taken very precisely. Above all, if the person was not resident in the place, but moved or moved to another place for the purpose of closure.

So I looked for Lorentz Kummerer, father Bartholomäus Kummerer in the church book of Palitz and in the previous parish Treunitz between 1777 and 1882. Unfortunately I was not in the desired period of time. But I found the following entry for Palitz:


Der Eintrag stammt vom 11.11.1788 und


The entry comes from 21.07.1778 and indicates the place Lindenhau, not Palitz as place of birth. For Lindenhau, I also found the births of three other children, Johannes Adam 1772, Georg Matthaeus 1774, and Johannes Adam 1776. In the two births, which are depicted here, both mothers are called Katharina, but the origin is different. The entries for Lindenhau but all 4 clearly the same mother. But I could not find a Lorentz. In the death book of Palitz I then found the death records of Bartholomew in 1796 and Katharine in 1795, as well as the death of Anna Maria (above) 1791.

So my next trail had to be from Lindenhau. In the church book of Sandau (Dolní Žandov), I searched for Bartholomaus Kummer, carpenter with a Catharina Büchl, daughter of Petrus (Peter) Büchl from Sandau. The closing took place on 26.11.1771 in Markusgrün (Podlesí).

"Jungesell Bartholomäus Kummer, Nr. 20, Sohn des Johannis Kummer, Zimmermann in Markusgrün und Maria Catharina Nr. 122, eheliche Tochter des Peter Büchl aus Sandau"

Now there was a connection to Markusgrün No. 20. The family affliction from Markusgrün, partly also Amonsgrün, was then quite unobstructed, only the birth of a Bartholomäus was not to be found so far. According to his death entry from Palitz, he was 54 years, so he had to be born before 06.04.1742, we have already looked at the reliability of church book entries.

Let us return, however, to Lorentz Kummerer, whom I did not find in the church book of Sandau, especially Markus Grun. I was looking for a long time in different church books. It was found however only after a help request in the Sudetendeutschen mailingliste. A friendly ancestor researcher, Benedict Bobinger, gave me the crucial data. Lorentz Kummerer was born on 4 September 1980 in Künsberg. In addition, two other siblings, Johann Joseph in 1783 and Georg Michael in 1785. By the way, Georg Michael went to Miloschitz with his brother Lorentz and married a sister of the wife of Lorentz.

kummerer laurentz

The parents agree with the previously determined data. Thus the origin of Lorentz Kummerer and his family is clarified. The birth of the father in Markusgrün will perhaps still be enlightened.

So you can see that the search for ancestors can be quite tricky. Here the family name has changed and the ages in the marriages and deaths, if available, are not always reliable. With perseverance and the friendly help of other ancestors, however, a puzzle can always be solved.

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